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The Mortgage Emporium is a Canadian mortgage firm that allows their clients to secure funding for real estate purchases.

Where is the Mortgage Emporium located?

The company has offices in Pickering and Ottawa. They service the area of southern Ontario.

Do they offer multiple mortgage packages?

Yes, they do. The following packages are offered by the Mortgage Emporium:

What is lease to own financing and is it unique to the Mortgage Emporium?

Sometimes referred to as owner financing, lease to own is a term to describe an agreement where the tenant has the option to buy the property they’re renting in the future at a set price. Although not every mortgage company provides this service, it is not unique to the Mortgage Emporium.

Typically, lease to own financing is tailored to people who cannot come up with a down payment for their home right away and plan to save money for its future purchase.

Can the Mortgage Emporium find a mortgage for everyone?

The Mortgage Emporium’s team works hard to find lenders to deal with their client’s needs. Because no client is in the same financial boat, the brokers at this firm are capable of leveraging different lenders to get the right mortgage package for every individual’s situation.

Mortgage brokers, whether they are employed by the Mortgage Emporium or another Canadian brokerage, will shop around for different rates and packages on your behalf. Their job is to represent your interests to a variety of lenders. If you have been turned down by multiple lenders due to credit issues, a good broker will offer debt consolidation options and help you find a lender that is willing to work with you. Basically, a mortgage broker should be adept at finding a mortgage for everyone, it doesn’t matter what brokerage they work for.

What can be learned from their website?

Mortgageemporium.ca contains useful tools like a calculator and articles that touch on various topics from the mortgage and housing industry. Applying for a mortgage directly from their site is an option that many people find handy. With our busy schedules, we often find ourselves searching for extra time throughout the day for something as simple as contacting a mortgage broker. Most Canadian mortgage consultants offer online applications and will meet with you on your schedule.



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