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About Invis

Invis is a Canadian mortgage company that helps borrowers find the right type of funding for their residential and commercial real estate purchases.

Where is this brokerage located?

Invis’ head office is situated in Mississauga and they have a Toronto office as well. They also have other Canadian locations in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.

What kind of mortgages does Invis offer?

Invis provides their clients with a wide array of mortgage packages that encompass all aspects of residential and commercial lending. These packages are not unlike those offered by other leading Canadian mortgage dealers and range from:

Do they work with a variety of lenders?

The lenders that Invis deals with are regional and national institutions. Their mortgage consultants have refined relationships with over 50 lending organizations across Canada. They work with private lenders, major banks and trust companies such as Merix, National Bank, ScotiaBank, TD, Exceed, Canadiana Financial and more.

What special services does Invis offer their clients?

Besides providing a host of mortgage campaigns for their clientele, Invis is also in the insurance business. The company offers protection plans that cover mortgage insurance, as well as home and auto insurance. These products are designed to protect their clients’ homes and assets in case of borrower default, theft and other disasters (natural or manmade).

Purchasing an insurance package in the same place that you found your mortgage can prove to be convenient to some borrowers. Invis offers a one-stop-shop for those who want to buy a home and protect it. Conversely, if the down payment on your home is more than 20%, mortgage insurance is not mandatory. Home and auto insurance are valuable commodities, whereas mortgage insurance depends on the size of your down payment. Your broker should explain why/if you need mortgage insurance before encouraging you to purchase it.

Does their website provide educational mortgage tools?

Invis.ca is not unlike other Canadian mortgage sites. They offer in-depth information about the mortgage and housing industry through articles and videos. Invis’ website details the benefits of leasing office equipment and hardware, ways to improve your credit, news and trends, and other aspects of the mortgage trade that is important to borrowers. You may also apply for your mortgage online, as is the case with most mortgage brokerages.



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