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About Mortgage Alliance

Mortgage Alliance is a Canadian mortgage company that services clients looking to fund current and future real estate transactions.

Where are they located?

This brokerage has offices across Canada. Their Ontario office is situated in Toronto.

What products do they offer?

Mortgage Alliance’s products are typical of a Canadian brokerage. They help their clients find financing for the following:

What kind of lenders does Mortgage Alliance deal with?

Like their name says, Mortgage Alliance aims to build an alliance between you and the lender. They work with all kinds of lenders to ensure that no matter what type of mortgage their client is searching for (commercial or residential); Mortgage Alliance will find a lender to match.

As is customary in the field of Canadian mortgages, they deal with big banks and smaller lending institutions. Each client’s financial needs differ, which is why a good mortgage brokerage works with a variety of lenders. Not everyone has perfect credit, and although it is always better to keep your credit score blemish-free, an adept broker will find a lender that is willing to take on a borrower that others consider to be risky.

Can Mortgage Alliance guarantee that each bad credit client will be approved?

No mortgage broker can guarantee that their clients with bad credit will be approved for a mortgage. There are many factors involved in finding a lender to service a borrower with bad credit. However, Mortgage Alliance, like most Canadian agencies, can offer credit consolidation and other tools to help you diminish your debt and get your finances back on track. In most cases, borrowers with bad credit are told to first rebuild their credit rating before a lender will work with them. This is not to say that if you have bad credit you cannot get a mortgage, it may take longer but it is not unheard of.

What does their website offer?

Mortgagealliance.com is complete with a mortgage education section that helps their customers stay up-to-date with trends and news about the industry. The site also contains tools like a glossary of important financial terms, credit maintenance tips, rate information, and basic materials to help borrowers better understand the mortgage and housing industry. Furthermore, with Mortgage Alliance you have the ability to apply online for your mortgage.



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