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Canada’s capital city offers its residents rich culture and deep heritage. Besides being home to parliament and the country’s top political individuals, the city is bursting with colourful neighborhoods, fine dining, shopping, and many attractions that offer fun for the whole family. Ottawa is also a great place for young professionals because it presents them with affordable housing options. The city is bordered by Gatineau, Quebec and together they form the Ottawa-Gatineau census metropolitan area with Ottawa itself providing the bulk of the population with an estimated 943,260 residents. If you’re looking to buy a home in this vibrant city, you may need help getting started.

How Do I Buy a Home In Ottawa?

If you are in the market for a new home or looking to purchase your first home, you may have many questions. An Ottawa-based realtor can provide you with answers to your queries and show you different properties that are for sale. To find a realtor you can try OREB. The Ottawa Real Estate Board is an association of over 3,000 registered real estate professionals that operate within the Ottawa area. The Board offers resources in different Ottawa neighborhoods and home prices, and helps you find a realtor to work with. Once you’ve found a realtor and they’ve shown you the home of your dreams, you will need a mortgage to buy it.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With a Mortgage Broker?

An Ottawa-based mortgage professional will be able to find the right lending package to fit your economic situation. Brokers work with an array of lenders and will represent your interests to each one to find your ideal mortgage and lowest interest rate.

What If I Find My Dream Home In Gatineau And Not Ottawa?

It is important to note that if you are looking for a home in the Ottawa-Gatineau CMA, and to settle on a home in the Quebec side of the area, you will need to find a broker who operates in QC. There are different lending laws that apply to Quebec.

Fast Facts About Ottawa:

  • Homes in Ottawa cost on average $401,626
  • The city gets its name from the Algonquin word for trade “Odawa”
  • Ottawa has one of the most educated populations in Canada and is where some of the country’s most celebrated universities can be found
  • The famous Rideau Canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest constantly controlled canal system in North America and in the winter it is transformed into the longest skating rink in the world
  • Ottawa is home to one of Canada’s largest and oldest public markets, the ByWard Market
  • The majority of Ottawa’s population is under 35 giving it the distinction of being one of the youngest cities in Canada

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Your home is your most valuable asset. It is probably the single largest investment you will make in your lifetime. Your home is more than a place to rest your head and raise a family. Your home contains equity. It is a treasured resource and in some cases, can even be used as an ATM (aka cash back mortgages and HELOCs – don’t worry we’ll get there).

We All Need a Mortgage

Everyone who is looking to purchase a home will need a mortgage. But, what is a mortgage exactly and why do you need it? Besides being the term to describe a loan secured by real estate, a mortgage allows you to access funding to procure your dream home.

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