About Safebridge Financial

Safebridge Financial Group is a Canadian mortgage broker and insurance provider. They also provide investment services and bill themselves as a one-stop-shop for your financial needs.

Where are they headquartered?

Safebridge’s main office is in Toronto, Ontario. They also keep offices in Mississauga and service the GTA.

What are the different mortgage products offered by Safebridge Financial Group?

The products and services that Safebridge provides their clients with are very similar to what other Ontario mortgage brokers deliver. You will be to able to secure funding for:

What aspects distinguish Safebridge from other brokers in the industry?

Safebridge Financial Group operates as a mortgage brokerage and insurance provider. If you are looking for life insurance, mortgage insurance, and income replacement insurance (critical illness and disability), you can find everything under one roof.

Besides single person or family insurance, Safebridge also offers health benefits for individuals and groups. For someone who is running a business, it may be helpful for you to get a mortgage and medical and dental benefits for your employees from the same company. The same applies to those who are self-employed and hoping to get a mortgage and insurance in one go.

Is their website a good resource for people looking to learn about the mortgage industry?

If you are looking for information regarding the ins and outs of the mortgage industry, safebridgefinancial.com can you provide you with some insight. The company has a blog that deals with topics ranging from condo purchases to trends in the mortgage industry to interest rates.

You can also contact a broker directly from the site instead of making an appointment on the phone. This is not unusual for a brokerage to offer this service. Most people lead busy lives and don’t have precious moments to spare to pick up the phone and make an appointment. With Safebridge Financial, as with many Canadian mortgage firms, you can deal with a broker with a few simple keyboard clicks.

Do the brokers at Safebridge Financial charge a fee for their services?

Generally, the skilled brokers at Safebridge do not charge a fee to help you secure funding. The lenders they match their clients with compensate them for introducing their products. There are some cases, however, in which payment may be required. Safebridge will discuss this aspect with the client before any charges are applied.



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