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Dominion Lending Review

Overall Rating. 6 / 10

Stay away from this company. They will scam you for the interest amount by almost 20%. Debt assistance is not what they provide at all. Extremely misleading and not upfront when asking questions about the products and outcome.

Posted by Alexa Marcher on April 1, 2022

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Went to Domion to get a mortgage and seemed friendly at the beginning but the guy we were dealing with disappeared and do not know what happened. Then finally someone called and he was very rude and we felt like we were a pain in his..... and taking up his time. Then they called us to pick up our papers so we went and said they could not find them. Plus I have worked all my life and he basically told me I was lying .... even with a letter of confirmation. REALLY... Then found out from another broker that he did not want to deal with us because the house we were buying was under 200,000 and not enough profit.... REALLY. So we went to the other broker.... Thanks for wasting our time.

Posted by Saul Goodman on March 12, 2022

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Thier record keeping is terrible. Have had to call almost on a monthly basis to get extra fees reimbursed because they keep loosing our proof of home insurance. One of the phone reps argued with me on the most recent call-today- trying to tell me all of my insurance has expired when it most certainly had not. They've also sent me the hard copies my insurance has sent them. Dominion doesn't have any hard copies of my insurance as they keep mailing them to me. How can they keep records appropriately if they send away the only copies they have? I will not be staying with Dominon another month, let alone another year. I'm exploring other companies as I type this to port my mortgage ASAP to not Have to deal with this headache anymore. I wouldn't recommend them to my worst Enemy.

Posted by Stephanie R. on March 9, 2022

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