About Dominion Lending

Dominion Lending Centres is a Canadian finance, lending and mortgage company. They are known for providing funding to a multitude of borrowers ranging from residential to commercial mortgagors.

Do they have multiple locations?

Dominion Lending Centres is a national brand with over 350 locations throughout Canada.

What are the different products offered by Dominion Lending Centres?

As a mortgage provider, Dominion has different products and packages they use to help their clients secure funding. Whether you have excellent credit, mediocre credit or horrible credit, you can take advantage of products like:

How do they find optimal mortgage rates for their clientele?

Dominion Lending Centres deal with 230 lending institutions. These lenders include big banks, credit unions and trust companies.

Having access to a large number of lenders does not always guarantee that a mortgage company will be able to secure the best interest rate for you. However, it does show that they are able to maintain relationships with distinctive lenders, giving their clients a buffet of options.

It is important to remember that the number of lenders that a broker works with is not what will determine how your interest rate is decided. It is only through your brokers fortitude and commitment to your funding cause that you will get the best interest rate possible. Basically, your broker will act as a representative of your finances and assets to show lenders that you are a good candidate for funding.

Is there anything that Dominion Lending provides that other brokers do not?

Dominion Lending Centres are not exclusively a brokerage. They also have a financial division and offer leasing. While not everyone will benefit from their leasing division, if you are in the market for office furniture, software, hardware, industrial equipment or transport equipment like farming vehicles, renting this paraphernalia from Dominion may be advantageous to your situation. If you are taking out a commercial mortgage to fund an office building purchase, having a leasing division that works directly with your broker can come in handy.

Dominion Lending Centres also have their own line of Visa cards. Having another credit card to add to your long list of revolving credit may not work out in everyone’s favour. Nonetheless, keeping all your debt under one umbrella can help those who have trouble keeping track of what they owe.



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