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About Capital Direct

Capital Direct is a Canadian lending institution specializing in mortgage financing and home equity.

What services do they offer?

Capital Direct’s services include those to help with:

  • Making home improvements
  • Eco-friendly renovations
  • Simplifying your money
  • Paying for your education
  • Getting married
  • Buying investment property
  • Small businesses
  • Temporary situations
  • Protecting your assets
  • Lines of credit and home equity loans

Where are they located?

Capital Direct is located across Canada and has offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax, Moncton and Charlottetown. In Vancouver, they are located at 555 W 8th Ave suite 305. In Edmonton, they are located at 10665 Jasper Ave. Suite 900. In Calgary, they are located at 11012 Macleod Trail SE suite 775. In Toronto, they are located at 1 City Centre Drive, Mississauga. In Halifax, they are located at Purdy’s Wharf Tower 1, 1959 Upper Water Street suite 1301. In Moncton, they are located at 500 St. George Street. And in Charlottetown, they are located at 129 Water Street.

Do they work with a variety of lenders?

Capital Direct works with a wide range of non-traditional lenders to help you secure financing outside of banks and credit unions. They also work with the banks and credit unions, as well as trusts and other lending sources, in order to draw upon the widest range of financing vehicles and products out there, giving their clients some of the most flexible financing options that they will find anywhere.

Do they offer ample information on their website?

Capital Direct has a very professional website that lists a wide range of detailed information in an easy to access way. They provide not only comprehensive information about the services they provide, but detailed maps of where their offices can be found across the country, information about their brokers, and even offer an option to have the site’s content translated into Mandarin for their Chinese clients who would prefer to speak in their native language. They have links to newsletter registration, as well as information pertaining to the awards and recognition they have received over the years.

How do these brokers make their money?

The site does not list how the company’s brokers make their money.

What are the benefits of working with Capital Direct?

Capital direct is one of the biggest alternative mortgage financing companies and lenders in Canada. They have offices all over the country, which means you can do business with them from pretty much anywhere in Canada. They do not have offices in Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or the territories, however. They also offer their entire website, as well as services, in Mandarin due to better serve their Vancouver clients. Their customer testimonials are filled with customers indicating that they chose to do business with Capital Direct because of how simple the process was. The company is very streamlined and the process is frequently described as professional, fast and hassle free.

Does Capital Direct offer the best rates?

The rates offered by Capital Direct vary based on several factors including your age, income and credit history.



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