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11 Dec

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Within the expanse of buying and selling of property, confidence is vital. In Toronto, for first-time homebuyers, mortgages seem insurmountable. Zoocasa places the benchmark prices for Toronto at $873,100, with a top income bracket of more than $160,000. Thereupon, a preoccupation with interest rates becomes monumental, and affordability determines your path as a borrower. Analyzing one’s interest costs is an arduous function; it’s imperative to evaluate your situation and become informed to create your best options moving forward. With the paramount goal to receive the best mortgage rate possible, the million-dollar question is whether to trust in a bank or a broker to secure your mortgage. The plight has consistently forged critical debate with the extraordinary difference being a mortgage broker has ties and a solid rapport with multiple lenders, while a mortgage specialist is a proxy of a lending institution.

A Bank of Canada paper analyzed people’s interest costs over the lifetime of their mortgages. They ascertained that “shopping around, sophistication, and negotiation skills were key in getting the best deal on your mortgage.” They explicitly stated that “borrowers that use mortgage brokers pay lower rates.” Although banks or credit unions are indeed synonymous with expertise, navigation, the products, and advice sanctioned are respective of their financial institution. With this knowledge, it’s felicitous to examine the merits of a mortgage broker by imparting the copious advantages they yield and how they fare as the superior choice in negotiating the lowest mortgage rate for you.

Mortgage Brokers Are Objective

Synonymous with fairness, a broker’s principles dictate that they exclusively work for you to seek the quintessential mortgage. They are not bound to the specific practices and terms of a financial institution and have access to a myriad of lenders. A loan representative of a bank typically advocates products indicative of their institution, even if they are not conducive to your demands. Mortgage brokers will individually evaluate each lender to ascertain ideal terms.

Mortgage Brokers Procure the Lowest Interest Rate

The fundamental goal of a mortgage broker is to attain the best interest rate for your mortgage via banks, credit unions, and wholesale lenders. As independent financiers, they can mediate the lowest percentage for you with their empowered access to multiple lenders with different rates. Being that they require a high capacity of mortgage products, any deduction they receive from their substantial volume directly influences your rate. It’s also opportune that your broker may access exclusive rates not obtainable on the open market.

Mortgage Brokers Value Your Time

Mortgage brokers are choice negotiators; they aim to analyze your finances and ultimately determine the specific mortgage product that will net you the lowest overall borrowing cost. They will work on your behalf to accomplish this as a liaison with various lenders, and it is undoubtedly time-consuming. A broker commits to the formidable process of comparing mortgages, conferring rates and terms, and submitting the paperwork to lenders for approval. Quite often, they will effectively use their time after hours to represent you as well, responding to texts, phone calls, and emails. The convenience of time they award is exceptional.

Mortgage Brokers Denote Expert Advice

Mortgage brokers are powerhouses in terms of expertise, being privy to a plethora of financial situations and diverse clients. Their vast proficiency grants them the ability to provide you with both knowledge and insight indicative of potential scenarios that may arise throughout your mortgage term. Most often, what your broker may communicate to you will prepare you for the sophisticated process of home buying.

Mortgage Brokers Understand You Are Unique

Mortgage brokers instinctively understand that every home buyer is original; therefore, they tailor mortgage products to your distinct needs. It is crucial to define your stipulations to your broker as your demands are singular compared to other clients. A broker will respect both your short and long-term goals, your source of income, and your flexibility relevant to your mortgage.

Mortgage Brokers Secure the Best Lenders

Mortgage brokers have a dignitary connection to an immense network of potential lenders, banks, trust companies, and credit unions. What’s more compelling are the relationships they have forged through appointment and practice, thus conceiving a more valuable outcome for you. A number of lender rates and mortgages are not feasible without a mortgage broker, which deters you from greater economic benefits.

Mortgage Brokers Circumvent Adverse Credit

Mortgage brokers have access to and knowledge of the entire mortgage market, proving quite beneficial for those with less than stellar credit. Their proficiency and acumen determine which lenders will acknowledge and contend to your individual state. Brokers approach felicitous lenders, in correlation with your unique financial position and leverage relationships with financial institutions. Your broker could potentially secure mortgages that conventional banks would typically refuse.

Mortgage Brokers Are Free

Mortgage brokers earn a one-time commission for their services, which are paid by the banks and lenders who grant you the mortgage; they receive compensation only once the loan process is successful. It’s beneficial to be aware that broker fees will not impact the value of your loan. A trusted broker will consistently choose a lender based on superior borrowing options for you before contemplating the contract.

The prequel to becoming a homeowner is less than effortless or polished. The psychological aspect of becoming a homeowner for many can be demanding; it’s a colossal financial bond that endures for the majority of your adult life. However, there are options to minimize the impact of buying a home and securing a mortgage that will bring you peace of mind. Today, practices with respect to obtaining a mortgage are notably evolved, largely indicative of a progressive real estate market. Market prices, diverse types of housing, and mortgage options have each contributed to a movement away from financial institutions that have, in many respects, proven to impose limitations on those applying for a mortgage. In fact, as of 2018, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) required that those who borrow mortgages from the Canadian banks undergo stress tests to safeguard their financial commitment to them, resulting in a loss of buying power. On the contrary, mortgage brokers represent a team of professionals who offer something exceptional and are devoted to your prosperity, justifying that your mortgage journey begins and ends with them.

As with any pivotal decision, knowledge is the blueprint. At Mortgages, Mortgages, we boast being Canada’s choice mortgage experts and have earned our reputation within the seemingly infinite boundaries of mortgages. Our impressive and accomplished relationships with lenders have appreciated through years of trusted collaborations, ensuring we will always secure the most preferred interest rate for you.

We look forward to connecting with you on our website to offer further insight into our vast mortgage services provided by our trusted and resolute team. For any inquires or immediate assistance, we are available to collaborate on all ideas and offer both our philosophies and suggestions. Call us at 1-866-307-0727.

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